Welcome to our first LLA blog post!

Vitality.  Well Beyond Beauty.

Welcome to our first LLA blog post. In our office, we talk often about the depth of beauty and wellness. While many of our treatments target the surface of a person’s appearance, we believe that supporting those efforts with wellness from within is critical to success. Everything from skin tone and texture, to energy and flexibility is fueled from the inside out.

The coming blog posts will explore many aspects of wellness, aging and beauty. Topics on our journey will include:

  • daily choices for vitality
  • skin care – product and ingredient breakdown and making good choices
  • our favorite tips and tricks – skincare, exercise, habits and kitchen ideas
  • Recipes and cooking for wellness and vitality. We hope you will join us as we explore all the choices that go into “creating your own old person”. As we build our tribe, we look forward to hearing back from you about what you like, and what you want to hear more about.

It’s vitally important!

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