VITALITY. “Make your own old person”

VITALITY. “Make your own old person”

Recently, while out hiking with my daughter, we took a break and observed the people around us. We were noticing the very wide variances in the agility and ability of the older people of similar ages.   We noticed fellow hikers who appeared to be in their seventies who were energetic and spry, and others who could almost not complete the hike. As we reflected on this and our own futures, my daughter keenly observed “Mom, you really do make your own old person.”

What an excellent observation! The things we do today greatly impact our future bodies. As our conversation evolved, we thought about her Great-grandmother and others we have watched through the aging process. My daughter and I resolved to focus on three factors we observed to be critical in maintaining ourselves for hikes in the later years.

  1. Maintain vigor in physical activity – anything you could do yesterday, you can – and should- still do today.
  2. Eat for wellness – aim for clean meals with abundant vegetables. Avoid added sugars and processed foods.
  3. Sustain mental and social alertness – stay engaged with the world daily in ways that make you THINK and LAUGH.

All three of these goals are “old news” in the wellness world. However, goals accomplish nothing in the absence of action. Thinking of them as the building blocks for my “old person” gives me new perspective and motivation for follow through.

I hope you will reflect on this, and make some specific, achievable goals to track. Start small, and set yourself up for success!

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