Long, sunny days, beach trips, and more relaxed schedules are here! Summertime is the perfect time to think about your long-term wellness and aesthetic goals. There are some skincare procedures that you need to avoid in the summer to protect your skin, but the warmer, sunnier months are also a terrific time for body contouring and fillers, just to name a few. Here are some of our favorite treatments to add to your regimen:

Ultherapy is the ONLY non-invasive FDA approved treatment for loose skin on the neck, chin, and brow. Focused ultrasound lifts and tightens skin with little to no downtime. Ultherapy stimulates new collagen production, and your results will improve over three to six months.

If you’re having to run to the ladies’ room during your spin class, or experiencing discomfort or pain during intimacy, ThermiVa may be the answer you’re looking for. ThermiVa uses Radio Frequency to tighten laxity in the skin caused by aging, childbirth or weight loss. The treatment creates energy beneath the skin that wakes up collagen production, helping to improve issues with mild incontinence and sensitivity.


Looking for super-fast results to refresh your face? Our selection of neuromodulators (such as Botox) and fillers can address your frown lines and bring new fullness to your lips and cheeks. Come in for your FREE consultation, and let Dr. Summer and our team help you create a customized plan for that natural, healthy look you’re after.

The double chin – it’s often one of the toughest facial issues to address! Kybella is a breakthrough FDA approved treatment that targets the unique fat under the chin with terrific results. Kybella disrupts fat cells, allowing the body to break them down permanently. Dr. Summer can tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs, scheduling treatments around your schedule for maximum results. There’s a bit of downtime involved due to swelling immediately following the procedure, and you can expect to see your best results in four to six months.

Make summer your season for refreshing and rejuvenating your look! Call us at 336-945-2076 for a consultation today!

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