Tattoo Removal

Lewisville Laser is so excited to now offer tattoo removal treatment packages! Dr. Summer has chosen the PicoWay laser system to safely and effectively remove tattoos of every size and type. 

Clinical studies have shown that our PicoWay laser can deliver impressive results in removing multi-colored tattoos, including those with notoriously difficult-to-treat blue and green inks.

PicoWay uses ultra-short bursts of laser energy that produce a “photoacoustic” effect, fracturing the tiny particles of pigmented ink in your tattoo without overheating the skin around it. This powerful but gentle approach means you don’t have to deal with the harsh side effects of traditional laser tattoo removal procedures such as pain, swelling, and prolonged redness. And with super-fast treatment times of just 15 to 20 minutes, you can schedule a session during your lunch hour and get right back to your daily activities!

Call us today and schedule your FREE personalized consultation and let us create a treatment package that’s right for you.