All you did was laugh. Or sneeze, or up the intensity in your spin class…and once again, you’re racing to the bathroom. Urinary incontinence is a fact of life for many women as we get older, but it doesn’t have to be.

Pregnancy and childbirth, as you can imagine, can wreak a bit of havoc on your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles hold not just your bladder but your uterus and small intestine in place, and when they lose strength there’s a lot of pressure put on your bladder. Aging and menopause are taking a swipe at you too, as your collagen loses elasticity and bladder support diminishes.

In the past, women have often turned to expensive and invasive surgery to find relief from urinary incontinence. Not anymore! ThermiVa is a breakthrough treatment for women dealing with this issue. This cutting-edge technology uses radio frequency (RF) to tighten laxity in the skin due to aging, stretching with pregnancy/childbirth or weight loss. RF creates energy under the skin that signals the body to make collagen, helping to tighten muscles and rejuvenate tissue. And ending incontinence is only one of the powerful results of ThermiVa treatment – the tightening, restorative effects have shown a positive impact on intimacy and sensation.

ThermiVa is non-invasive, and requires no downtime. The benefits are tremendous! So call today to schedule a free consultation, or stop by Lewisville Laser and Aesthetics on Thursday, April 6th between 5-7 pm for drinks and a light snack to learn more about ThermiVa and how it can help you get out of the bathroom and back to doing all the things you love!

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