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    Your Christmas Gift-Giving Guide

    If you’re like me, you’re wracking your brain this week trying to find the perfect Christmas gifts for your mom, mother-in-law, sister, niece, bestie…you name it! Picture frames, lotions, ornaments, jewelry – chances are you’ve done it all before! Why not give her a gift she might not buy for herself this time of year, but you know she’ll love? Lewisville Laser really is the perfect place to get your girlfriend shopping done.

    Who doesn’t love getting a facial? Choose from any of our customized products, from a lactic peel for sensitive skin to the more intensely exfoliating SilkPeel Microderm. Our incredible aestheticians can help you make the best choice for your gift.

    Baby Foot™ goes well beyond a traditional pedicure and makes a wonderful, pampering gift. The procedure removes dead skin layers in a safe, simple treatment, rejuvenating and softening tired feet using natural extracts of sage, chamomile, lemon, and more.

    To celebrate the season, we’re offering buy one get one half-off on all of our skincare and cosmetic products! Physician-quality, luxurious skincare from NeoCutis, fabulous and hard-working essentials from our own Clarity MD line, and silky, triple-milled eyeshadows, blushes, and powders from GloMinerals are all terrific gifts that she’ll love using year-round.

    And if you just can’t decide, go with the always-popular Gift Card! Your friend will be able to treat herself to the products or services she loves, and you’ll be a gift-giving star. And while you’re in our office finishing up your shopping, you can take advantage of any of our amazing 12 Days of Specials deals (below) on our favorite products and services to take advantage of now or in the New Year. We can’t wait to see you soon, and the very Happiest of Holidays to you and the ones you love!

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    So what's so big about our Big Event?

    So hopefully by now you’ve seen lots of Facebook and Instagram posts about Lewisville Laser’s upcoming Big Event! But just in case you haven’t, here are just a few of the reasons why we want you to join us, and what you can look forward to that evening.


    From Botox and fillers to body contouring and hair removal, we’re going to be giving away over $10,000 worth of products and services at our Big Event! We’ve got eleven different incredible packages ready and waiting for you to choose from. You’ll get five tickets (that’s five chances to win!) just by coming to the event! Bring a friend with you, and you’ll get two extra tickets. Add another chance to win when you check in on our Lewisville Laser Facebook page, and when you share the Big Event on your own Facebook page.


    Our Big Event really is the biggest, most fabulous celebration we have all year. You’ll be able to take advantage of our deepest discounts on virtually every product and service we offer, and you’ll learn more about how you can lock in fantastic savings all year long with our VIP program.


    During our event, you’ll be able to meet and learn from our top pharmaceutical and manufacturer’s representatives, here specifically to talk with you and answer your questions. Take advantage of their unique expertise and years of working in the aesthetic industry as you decide which products and services are right for you.


    Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine and delicious food catered by Salem Kitchen while you relish a whole evening dedicated to looking and feeling your very best. We can’t wait to see you Thursday evening, November 9th!


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    Take your lashes to the next level!

    Our team at Lewisville Laser is crazy about Lash Lift, and you will be too when you see the results! Lash Lift is a new procedure we’re offering that curls, lifts, and tints lashes, with results lasting for 6-8 weeks. In just 45 minutes one of our licensed aestheticians will have you ready to go bare-lashed with confidence!

    Our Elleebana lifting solution is made specifically for delicate eyelash hairs. You’ll get the impact of an eyelash curler, but without the hassles and the pinching. Your aesthetician will also apply a vegetable-based dye to darken lashes for a thicker, fuller appearance.

    And if you’re looking to really boost your lashes, don’t forget the Latisse! Latisse is the first FDA-approved product designed to grow longer, fuller lashes. And you’ll see results as soon as four weeks after beginning application. So if you’re ready to ditch the mascara and show off your own fabulous lashes, call Lewisville Laser today at 336.945.2076 to schedule your appointment or free consultation!

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    Dermaplaning – your newest weapon for brighter, smoother skin!

    Dermaplaning is a terrific way to unveil brighter, smoother skin with minimal downtime. For patients with dry, rough skin, mild acne scarring, or just skin that’s showing the signs of aging, this procedure can bring terrific results.

    During the procedure, a licensed aesthetician (do not try this at home!) will use a sterile scalpel to gently exfoliate the face, avoiding the eye and nose area. The process removes the dead cells at the skin’s surface, as well as the light, downy hairs on the face known as vellus hairs, or what we often affectionately refer to as” peach fuzz”. Vellus hairs can trap oil and dirt on the face, contributing to skin that looks dull or tired. And the great news about vellus hairs? Despite what you might have heard from your grandma, facial hair won’t grow back darker or thicker!

    By physically removing dead skin cells, dermaplaning doesn’t just improve skins’ appearance – it also increases the absorption and effectiveness of your favorite topical skincare products. So your retinols, serums, peptides and other powerhouse facial products work harder for you with better results! And dermaplaning amps up your body’s production of new skin cells, contributing to the overall brightening of skin.

    Dermaplaning is a terrific option for patients that experience sensitivity to chemical peels, because only a sterile scalpel will touch the skin. It’s also a wise choice for women who don’t want to use any strong topical treatments while they’re pregnant or nursing.

    Lewisville Laser’s trained aestheticians are ready to help you reveal smoother, more radiant, younger-looking skin with a dermaplaning treatment. Call us at 336.945.2076 for your free consultation or to make an appointment today!

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